Lana Titus: Fitness Guru and Mother too!

As a very active child I never had weight worries, but once I gave birth to my first child and the pregnancy glow began to fade, I quickly realized that the 40lbs I had gained wasn't all baby! Being comfortable in one’s own skin is extremely important to me, and since I wasn’t feeling so hot in mine, I put together a serious diet and exercise program and committed myself to seeing it through. This drive eventually propelled me into the world of fitness shows, and I quickly found myself adding “Pro Fitness Model” to my list of quickly growing titles.

As well as Americas Fittest Couple with my husband! I was fortunate enough to appear in numerous magazines, such as Oxygen, Ironman and Men’s Fitness to name a few. I had far exceeded the back to pre-baby weight goal that I had set for myself! Inspired by my own story, I began writing articles for ‘Fit Moms’ and began sharing tips with other moms craving to shed their post baby weight. For a while I was a fitness blogger for Brooke Burke's ‘ModernMom’.  However, it wasn’t until I was approached by a mother to train her teenage daughter, who had been diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t feeling great about her body, that I realized what I could really do with my knowledge. I could change lives. The opportunity to do so continued to materialize in more ways than I had ever thought possible. 

I worked as the fitness expert on TLC’s  ‘RealSimple Real Life’, where I was able to help other moms find time for fitness in their increasingly busy lives. I even created my own Pre/Postnatal workout video series, so  I could start helping "moms-to-be" before their babies arrived! I have also trained a list of celebrity clientele, along with filming an at home workout videos series with Biggest Looser Trainer Jillian Michaels. Whether it's going to clients homes or teaching group bootcamp classes, my mission is to help EVERYONE make fitness a part of their life without making family sacrifices. Although fitness is my true passion, I have been spotted putting my fun loving, inspirational personality on display everywhere I go. From reporting on the red carpet, to hosting, I enjoy this work and the journey I am currently on.  I have been a trainer for a very fulfilling 9 years, and l currently live in Los Angeles with my husband, and our three beautiful daughters.

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